BRIDGES Java with Eclipse IDE

Note. The following set up instructions used Eclipse Version 2022-12 runningng JRE 17 on OSX; BRIDGES requires the use of Java 8 or higher

Step 1: Install Eclipse Step 2: Create Bridges Account
Step 3: Create a Java Project
  • File-->New-->Java Project
Step 4: Check Java version
  • In the new window, change the Project name field to your project name, then make sure the JRE Execution Environmen is JavaSE-8 or above . Here we are using Java version 17. Click Finish in the lower right-hand corner.
Step 5a: Import Jar File into project
  • Download the latest Bridges Jar file from Bridges home page and save it somewhere convenient on your drive.
  • In Eclipse, right-click on your project in the Package Explorer window and then click on Build Path --> Add External Archives. This should open your system's file explorer.
Step 5b: Import BRIDGES Jar file
  • Locate and select the Bridges.jar file you saved earlier (bridges-java-LATEST.jar) to import it into your project.
Step 6: Verification
  • To verify that you have successfully imported the Jar file, look under the Referenced Libraries section of your project in the Package Explorer window in Eclipse.
  • If the bridges Jar file shows up under this section, you have completed the setup and are ready to build the Singly Linked List class!
Step 7. Load and Run a BRIDGES Example program.
  • Go to this BRIDGES Tutorial and copy/paste the Java tutorial program into the main window into a new file. Make sure the file name matches the class name!
  • Initialize the Bridges object with an assignment number (can be any num) and your user ID and api key from earlier.
  • Run the program by hitting the Run button (Run it as a Java application)
  • You will see a web link printed on the console. Navigate to the site to visualize the output. Congratulations!